Another Day in Paradise


  1. Caught in the Trenches
    26 Mar, 2017
    Caught in the Trenches
    On one of the first visits I had with Marley Davis, the woman who is writing a book about my case, I came down to the visit with a black-eye. “This looks just great”, I’m thinking to myself as I walk down to the visiting floor. I was relieved to see my friend, Old Man John, on the visit. I figured I’d let him explain why I had a shiner, being that he was the reason it all happened in the first place. Old Man John is about 65 years old, and in a wheel chair. He made a deal with a Jamaican guy
  2. Baptism of Fire
    19 Mar, 2017
    Baptism of Fire
    Imagine the worst day of your life. Can you remember what it was and how you felt? The day something devastating happen to you. Maybe a life changing illness or injury, or news of a loved one dying. Think about whatever it was that made it unbearable and try to relive the pain, hopelessness, and despair that you felt. Now imagine living that day, and feeling those emotions every day, for the rest of your life, with no end in sight. That is my daily reality, and it takes everything I have to not
  3. Family Ties and Government Lies
    06 Mar, 2017
    Family Ties and Government Lies
    Al Cleary’s de facto alibi was that he was at his house with Angel Dipietro, and despite the fact that Albert’s bedroom window was less than 50 feet away from the crime scene, both Al and Angel claim they “didn’t hear any shots”. Even though 13 separate households, including some all the way up the block, heard shots roaring in the night. First, when I went over the police reports, I saw that everyone Angel spoke to about this crime scene said she either acted suspicious, wasn’t open about
  4. Incestuous Bedfellows
    12 Feb, 2017
    Incestuous Bedfellows
    Imagine you are at a little league sports game to cheer for your young relative (child, grandchild, younger sibling, niece, nephew, whoever). Picture their innocence and sense of fair play being shattered by the umpire or referee, who happens to be related to a member of the opposing team, and who was calling every play against your kid’s team. Even the ones that obviously should have gone your way. How would you feel? How do you think your kid would feel if it kept happening and happening and
  5. The Wall
    04 Feb, 2017
    The Wall
    For some reason, many people in society think that everyone in prison feigns innocence. In reality, 90% of the prison population copped out. Which means they took a plea deal (pled guilty) in order to get less time. If just 30% of all accused persons took their case to trial, the burden of expenses associated with that would bankrupt our nation’s budget. As a deterrence, examples are made out of the select few who exercise their right to be tried. This discourages others from fighting their
  6. Awakening
    26 Dec, 2016
    Radical Islam is a big topic of debate among our presidential candidates, but it doesn’t matter who you want to win. There is something you should know about, because most of the public seems to be clueless and the situation is much worse then you can imagine. I have passed through 7 different correctional facilities in the past 12 years and in every one of them there is an alarming trend taking place. There is a huge movement in the United States prisons and jails that will spill over into our
  7. Miracle Makers
    22 Dec, 2016
    Miracle Makers
    Many modern people have turned away from Christendom. Most of them have difficulty with the more miraculous aspects of Christianity, the blind being healed, the virgin birth, the resurrection, etc… These hard to believe stories were a big reason I never really bought Christianity personally. I considered myself a realist. Now that I have time to think about it, I see that what was once considered miracles are now every day occurrences. From the internet and GPS to the planes that thousands of
  8. American Holocaust
    20 Nov, 2016
    American Holocaust
    One day people are going to look back at prisons like this and say they were a brutal and uncivilized way of handling “corrections” I don’t know why people can see the barbaric ways of all other ages except their own. I saw my friend Jim Daly today for the first time in a while, and he looked like a holocaust victim. He got out of the box after doing 3 years and I could tell he had a breakdown, because he was no longer the same guy I knew. He told me they put him on “The Loaf” which explains why
  9. 12 Years a Slave
    11 Nov, 2016
    12 Years a Slave
    I don’t know whose bright Idea it was to show the movie “12 Years a Slave” to the inmate population, but it almost started a race war. Some of the guys in here are living in a different century. Each group has its own area and everything is segregated. I don’t know how most of the prisoners can’t see that they are falling for a divide and conquer strategy. They’re at each other’s throats when they could be focusing on winning better living conditions. To tell you the truth I could identify more
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